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We offer mycological know-how and materials of the highest quality for your own ecological mushroom cultivation. From our base in Finland, we research special mushroom strains, produce materials for mushroom cultivation at home and offer education in form of workshops and lectures for interested people.

Thanks to years of practical work experience, ongoing professional education, and our network of professional partners we can offer you a wide range of knowledge about mushroom cultivation for private individuals and business, and are able to support you efficiently with your mycological work. We are also happy to consult you in scientific work related to mycology or developing mycological products in the Finnish market. 

Sustainability and respect for humans and nature are our guiding values. Because of this, only the best raw materials are used in our products to ensure highest quality for our consumers.

If you are interested in our products, workshop or lectures around the topic mushroom growing, have need for consulting or would like to cooperate, get in contact with us.

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We are looking forward to hear from you

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